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Bicycle Safety

The rules of the road

Each year, more than half a million bicyclists visit the hospital as the result of a crash. Estimates are that more than a million more seek treatment in their physician's office. Bicycling injuries can happen anytime, anywhere. People often think they're safe because they "just ride around the neighborhood," but unfortunately most serious crashes occur on quiet neighborhood streets.

We can make bicycling safer for all by observing the following safety tips:

Wear your Helmet! Each year, nearly 70,000 bicyclists suffer serious head injuries. Many never fully recover. Every bicyclist needs the protection that a good bicycle helmet provides. Researchers say that bicycle helmets can prevent three out of four serious cycling head injuries. Head injury rehabilitation is a very costly and difficult challenge. Compared with such costs, a bicycle helmet is a good bargain. Always wear a helmet!

More Rules of the Road

  • Obey all traffic controls.
  • Ride your bicycle near the right-hand edge of the road.
  • Never carry another person on your bicycle.
  • Always use hand signals when turning or stopping.
  • Look out for cars at cross street, driveways, and parking places.
  • Be careful when checking traffic and don't swerve when looking over your shoulder.
  • Give pedestrians the right-of-way.
  • Keep your bicycle in good condition.
  • Always ride carefully.
  • Remember a bicycle is a vehicle. Bicyclists share a complex traffic environment with other larger forms of transportation. Youngsters under age 9 lack the physical and mental development to interact safely in that environment.

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