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Partying? Careful …

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind if you plan on hosting a party.

  • Always remember, safety first! The best party is a safe party. And as such, you should always take every precaution to make sure all of your guests remain safe. This includes inviting designated drivers to the party, calling taxis for people and possibly even taking the keys away from some of your friends.
  • Some party hosts even invite their guests to stay the night. This is a great idea, especially during the Holiday season. The roads are usually bad this time of the year, and just because you and your guests are partying safely and responsibly doesn't mean that everybody else on the road has been. For this reason, it is better to avoid travel when at all possible — offer your guests a blanket and the sofa!
  • If possible, try to avoid using glass bottles at your party. A lot of times they just end up getting dropped and broken, and the glass may cause an accidental injury. Instead, purchase any alcohol in cans or plastic bottles.
  • As the host of the party, you’d best be careful of your own intake. Because it’s your household, if things do get out of control you are going to be expected to take care of it. This may include talking with the police, breaking up an argument between friends, and more. You’ll be happy to be alert if you’re needed.

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