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Sharing the Road

Remember that a motorcyclist must abide by the same traffic rules and regulations as other motorists. Before taking your motorcycle on a public road, become familiar with traffic rules and regulations and any special requirements for motorcycles.

These are the motorcyclist’s rules for courteous driving:

  • Treat other motorists with courtesy and respect.
  • Avoid tailgating.
  • Avoid riding between lanes of slow-moving or stopped traffic.
  • Know and obey traffic laws, including ordinances in your community.
  • Avoid excessive noise by leaving the stock muffler in place or using a muffler of equivalent noise reduction.
  • Use signals when appropriate.
  • Be courteous. The practices of some riders are offensive to other motorists (weaving in and out of stalled traffic, riding on shoulders, etc.). Being inconsiderate of other motorists creates a negative image for all riders, and can cause crashes.

Riders must ride aware, know their limits and ride within them. They must also be aware of and understand their motorcycle's limitations and the environment in which they ride.

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