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Workplace Safety

Alertness on the Job

Someone suffers from an accident-related occupational injury once every four seconds in the United States. Medical bills, lost wages and lost production time due to accidents on the job cost nearly $90 million each year.

In order to prevent more workplace accidents, we must be more safety conscious. Safety consciousness involves the need to:

  • Develop and maintain a good safety attitude.
  • Cultivate a "safety sense" about your job.
  • Understand the need to properly use and maintain work tools.
  • Identify situations that call for Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Be able to administer basic First Aid in common accident situations

Preventing accidents is another part of making safety a top priority. Inspect your work area and look for trouble spots:

  • Keep walkways, hallways and exits clear of obstacles.
  • Repair or replace damaged electrical cords.
  • Report loose railings for repair.
  • Don't overstock shelves.
  • Report any unsafe practices to your supervisor immediately.

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